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Nul uur Nul


Just before midnight at a small station on the edge of a big city, a man awaits the arrival of a train. On the board announcing the time of the next departure he reads: 0 Hour 0. An AKO news-boy who has fallen asleep there shortly before, dreams a dream about the present, the time between yesterday and tomorrow. In his dream about modern times and present-day society there are many things he has read about but does not understand. The things he understands in his dream are real, but those he does not understand turn the dream into a nightmare. He wakes up with a start when the train comes in, and sees that the platform is now peopled with a motley assembly of travellers who played a rĂ´le in his dream.

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  • Nul uur Nul
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1 October 2012
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M. Bonda
Piet Bron Fourth film star
Jan van Ees Third film star
Annie van Ees AKO newsboy
Charles Gilhuys Film director
Jos Liesting Old man
Jan van der Linden Jazz
Cor van der Lugt Melsert
Henny van Merle First film star
Eduard Palmers Old man
Gertie van Raalte Old man's wife / Second film star
Piet Rienks Junior Fifth filmster
Anton Roemer Optimistic newspaper editor
  • Silent
    Black & White

G. Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam (1997), pp. 266-267