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Nederland en Oranje


In this film, made to commemorate the centenary of the Dutch royal family, twenty scenes portraying highlights from Dutch history are shown, from the Eighty Years' War to King Willem I's return from exile in England (1813).

production year
original title
  • Nederland en Oranje
alternative title
  • Oranje en Nederland
distribution company
Filmverhuurkantoor Union (Distributeur)
release date
11 September 1913
modified date
12 October 2011
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Annie Bos Maria Tesselschade
Jan Buderman Michiel Adriaansz de Ruyter
Louis H. Chrispijn Senior
Christine Chrispijn - van Meeteren Margaret of Parma / Elsje van Houwelingen
Jan van Dommelen Willem de Zwijger
Louis van Dommelen Hugo de Groot / Prince Willem III
Ansje van Dommelen - Kapper
Lau Ezerman
Theo Frenkel Junior Balthasar Gerards
Charles Gilhuys Prince Maurits
Jan Holtrop Admiral Tromp
Mientje van Kerckhoven - Kling Maria van Reigersbergen
Coba Kinsbergen
Eugénie Krix Juliana van Stolberg / Louise de Coligny
Theo van der Lugt Priest
Marcel Myin Willem Friso
Anton Roemer Frederik Hendrik
Marinus Wolzak Jan Steen
  • 1000 mtr
    Black & White, Tinting

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Nieuws van de Dag, 10 september 1913
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