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Klokslag twaalf


Crime film about a businessman whose murky past comes back to haunt him.
Jean Verdier, a well to do businessman, thinks he has left his criminal past behind him. Ten years earlier, as member of a gang, he set fire to ships in an insurance scam. On one occasion, Verdier messed up and two people were killed. On his wedding day, hours before the statute of limitations for his crime expires and he can no longer be prosecuted, members of the gang abduct him and blackmail him into handing over the company shares. At the risk of being arrested for his crime, he manages to inform the police about his whereabouts. Fortunately for him, the gang master's daughter is still in love with him and manages to stall the police for another crucial twelve hours.

directed by
production year
Netherlands, France
original title
  • Klokslag twaalf
production company
distribution company
France-Europe Films (Distributeur)
censorship date
4 November 1936
release date
5 November 1936
modified date
1 October 2012
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