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De mésaventure van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon aan het strand te Zandvoort


Short feature film about a seaside visitor without trousers.
'Zandvoort in an uproar! On Saturday morning at roughly 10 o’clock, with beautiful weather and calm seas, a Frenchman sat in a beach chair to gaze upon the magnificent view that the sea always affords, until he slowly began to fall asleep [...]’ So begins a report in the ‘Zandvoortsche Courant’ of July 25, 1905.
The article explains how the man was faced with the oncoming tide, are – to the amazement of the audience – took off his trousers to prevent them from being ruined by the saltwater. On the beach, a mocking crowd awaited him. While trying to escape from the policeman who had rushed to the scene, he jumps into a passing car, and hides out in a small changing cabin. The man then disguises himself in women’s clothing, but is still nabbed by the police. Accompanied by a band and a large crowd, he is escorted to the police station.
The article ends by saying that ‘Messrs. Alberts Frères’ had staged the whole incident for a film in which two of the most popular genres of that period - the locally-shot film and the chase film – would be combined. The incident also made front page news in the ‘Algemeen Handelsblad’ of July 24, 1905 – though that article failed to mention that the incident had been staged for a film.

production year
original title
  • De mésaventure van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon aan het strand te Zandvoort
alternative title
  • Avonturen van een Frans heertje zonder pantalon
  • Een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon in Zandvoort
  • Een heertje zonder pantalon in Zandvoort
  • Ongeval van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon uit Zandvoort
foreign release title
  • Les aventures d'un Français sur la plage de Zandvoort
  • Gentleman without Slacks in Zandvoort
  • Mishap of a Gentleman without Trousers at the Beach of Zandvoort
production company
distribution company
Alberts Frères (Nederlandse vertoner)
release date
27 July 1905
modified date
26 October 2011
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  • Silent
    Black & White

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