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Bleeke Bet


Comedy about a vegetable seller in the centre of Amsterdam who wants to marry her daughter to the son of a dodgy businessman.

Bleeke Bet was made along the same lines as De Jantjes (The sailor lads): a song or two, a few famous actors and a simple story. Vegetable seller Bet is in cahoots with shady character Van Santen. In order to tighten her hold on him, she arranges for her beautiful daughter Jans to marry Hannes van Santen, the businessman's wimpy son. Jans is in love with Ko, a handsome sailor sailor. Bet's attempts to drive them apart come to nothing but when Ko is reported lost at sea, a desperate Jans gives in to her mother's wishes. On the day of the wedding Ko turns out to be alive and just in time to take his rightful place at the altar next to Jans. The businessman's shady dealings also come to light and a shamefaced Bet has to admit defeat.

Bleeke Bet is a film version of the eponymous play by Dutch playwright Herman Bouber. The songs were interpreted by Johan Heesters and Fien de la Mar, both famous names in the Dutch pre-war entertainment world.

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  • Bleeke Bet
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Monopole Film (Distributeur)
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24 August 1934
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7 September 1934
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20 October 2011
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    Black & White

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