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Eerste Nederlandsch Atelier tot het vervaardigen van Films voor de Bioscoop en Cinematograaf M.H. Laddé & J.W. Merkelbach

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A Buiksloot (Amsterdam)-based film studio where the first Dutch filmmaker Machiel Laddé shot a number of short films.
Laddé, who made his living as a photographer, began filming in the summer or autumn of 1896. It is unclear how long Laddé remained active, though it was at least until the first years of the 20th century.
According to Laddé employee J.F.B. Roelofs, by 1906 Laddé had already stopped making films for several years, as it was not a profitable part of his business. The market then was still very small.

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21 October 2011
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Gestoorde hengelaar (1896) Production company
Spelende kinderen (1896) Production company
Zwemplaats voor Jongelingen te Amsterdam (1896) Production company
Aankomst en vertrek spoortrein te Weesp (1899) Production company
De kaasmarkt te Purmerend (1899) Production company
De militaire wedstrijden door het 7e regiment. Oranje-Nassau Kazerne op 25 Oct. (1899) Production company
Frans Hals-feesten te Haarlem (1900) Nederlandse vertoner, Production company
Groep van de Hoornsche Wielrijders Club (1900) Nederlandse vertoner, Production company
Intocht van de kasteelheer van Zuilen (1900) Nederlandse vertoner, Production company
Ontvangst van H.M onze Koningin Wilhelmina te Haarlem (1900) Nederlandse vertoner, Production company
Solser en Hesse (1900) Production company